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Terms and Conditions


1.1 In giving instructions, either in person or by your agent, for an animal to be examined or treated, you will be responsible for Equitait Veterinary Practice (Equitait)’s fees and charges. In certain situations we understand that requests will be made by persons acting as your agent, such as a stable manager or stable owner. We will assume, unless you advise us in writing in advance, that they have your authority and are acting in your interest and as your agent and as such you will be responsible for any charges incurred in connection with the same. We cannot accept instructions from anybody under 18.

2. Fees and Payment

2.1 All of our fees are due at the time of the supply of the goods or services or upon collection of your animal if it has been hospitalised, (unless agreed by Colin Tait in writing) and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case, together with the cost of consumables. Details of our fees are available on request and a detailed invoice is provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction. Whenever possible we will give you an estimate of the cost of treatment, however, variations and complications may arise resulting in further costs being incurred. Late or non-payment of any fees will result in the procedures set out in clauses 2.4 and 2.5 and either a requirement for our fees to be settled at the time of the supply of the goods or services, or the withdrawal of our services.

2.2 ‘Out of hours’ fees are charged when a veterinary surgeon visits out of normal office hours, which are; 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. An ’emergency’ call-out fee will be levied when a veterinary surgeon visits you on the same day as you request the visit.

2.3 In order to keep our costs as low as possible and to be able to pass these benefits on to you, we do not offer credit accounts in the vast majority of circumstances.

2.4 Test results, vetting certificates, reports or similar will not be released until payment has been received in full for all goods and services provided.

2.5 If we agree to set up an account for you, you may be required to undergo a credit check, following which the following terms apply: (a) invoices are payable within 14 days of the date of the invoice; (b) we charge an administration fee of £50 on balances remaining unpaid 40 days after the date of the invoice; and (c) non-payment after 60 days will result in your account being referred to a debt collection agency and if the account has still not been settled 90 days following the date of the invoice, we may take legal action. In either of the latter two situations, you will have to pay additional administration charges, which may include our costs, and your credit rating may be affected. Late payment on account will result in, at our discretion, a requirement for our fees to be settled at the time of the supply of the goods or services, or the withdrawal of our services.

2.6 If you would like to pay your bill by bank transfer, please contact us on enquiries@equitait.com for our bank details. If you are wishing to use this payment option, please ensure that you state both your name and the horse’s name in the payment reference section and also send an e mail to accounts@equitait.com detailing the amount paid, by whom and payment reference. This is to ensure that we are able to match your payment with your account with us.

2.7 Any cheque or credit card payment which is not honoured by your bank or any cash which proves to be counterfeit will result in your account being restored to the original sum together with an administration fee.

2.8 You are required to pay all of the costs of any third party to whom your animal is referred.

3. Insurance

3.1 Equitait is very supportive of the principle of clients insuring their animal against unexpected illness or accidents. As we aim to keep our costs as low as possible for clients, we would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to settle all bills which are incurred in connection with the treatment of your animal and be reimbursed by the insurer subsequently. While it is your responsibility to submit claims to your insurer, Equitait will provide 2 hours’ administrative assistance free of charge in connection with an insurance claim. Any further time spent will incur charges at our usual rates.

3.2 If we agree to wait for you to receive your insurance payment before paying our bill in full, then we require all insurance payments to be paid directly to Equitait.

3.2 Equitait carries professional indemnity insurance to the sum of £150,000. We supply goods and services to clients on the condition that joint liability of the individual vet and Equitait arising from any loss shall not exceed that sum. If a client wishes to have a higher level of cover, they should request that in writing prior to Equitait commencing the supply of any goods and services in connection with that animal.

4. Medication and Treatment

4.1 In order to comply with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Regulations, we cannot supply medication on prescription without first seeing the animal. Repeat prescriptions can only be given if the animal is under the actual care and attention of Equitait; we reserve the right to re-examine the animal before issuing a prescription.

4.2 Subject to our professional duties as veterinary surgeons, we reserve the right to make final decisions on the treatment of your animal.

5. Ownership of Records

5.1 Subject to 5.2 below, Equitait retains the ownership and all rights to all case records, reports, images and other similar documents of whatever nature which are produced by Equitait. This is the case whether or not fees are charged for the production of the same. Following a request from a client all records will be passed to another veterinary practice once all fees outstanding on the account are paid.

5.2 Information pertaining to pre-purchase examinations remains the property of the individual instructing Equitait.

6. Loading of Animals

6.1 The transport, loading and unloading of animals is the sole responsibility of the client.

7. New clients

7.1 We accept new clients on a cash-only basis for a minimum period of 3 months and/or until an acceptable credit rating has been established.

7.2 Details of your horse, including relevant medical history, will be obtained from your previous attending veterinary surgeon, unless we receive notification from you in writing.

8. Feedback and Complaints

8.1 We are always pleased to receive feedback on the service we provide. Whilst we will always strive to provide the best service that we possibly can to you and your animal and we very much hope that our service does not give you cause for complaint, please contact Colin Tait in the first instance if you have any matter you would like to bring to our attention. If you are unhappy with the treatment or progress of your animal, we can arrange for a second opinion from another veterinary surgeon.

9. Indemnity

9.1 Subject to clause 9.2 below, the client shall indemnify Equitait and the attending veterinary surgeon in relation to all actions, proceedings, costs, damages, claims and demands of Equitaitwhich are directly caused by the client.

9.2 Clause 9.1 shall not limit Equitait or the attending veterinary surgeon’s liability arising from any of the following: (a) death or personal injury caused by negligence; (b) any other loss or damage which results from negligence, unless such loss or damage is reasonably forseeable; (c) any reasonably forseeable breach of contract; or (d) fraud.

10. Electronic Communications

10.1 By signing the registration form, the client agrees to (a) receive communications electronically, such communications being delivered to the e mail address provided by the client on the registration form or any subsequent e mail address notified to Equitait in writing; and (b) receive communications through Equitait’s website (www.equitait.com).

10.2 The client may receive a hard copy of any of the information received electronically or posted on Equitait’s website and should address all such requests to Equitait in writing.

11. Terms & Conditions

11.1 These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time and will be posted on Equitait’s website (www.equitait.com) at such time. All such revisions will be binding on the client from the date that they are posted on the website. No variation to these terms and conditions by the client will bind Equitait unless specifically agreed in writing.

12. Governing Law

12.1 These terms and conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by English law. Both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Please note that we reserve the right to amend the number or level of products and services that we provide at any time without notice. There may be situations in which we are unable to provide products and services as a result of a third party and we thank you for your understanding in such situations. All prices listed on this website are correct at the time that they were published and may be changed at any time without notice.

Reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure that the information contained on this website was correct at the time of publication and it is for information purposes only. Please note that veterinary opinions may differ on the manner in which a case is treated or managed. As a result, you should check with your vet (whether or not your vet is a vet with the Equitait Veterinary Practice) as to the appropriate course of treatment or management for your animal.

Colin Tait and Equitait Veterinary Practice do not offer any assurance as to the content of any external websites which are referred to herein. In addition, no assurance is given that either this website or any external website referred to herein is free of any virus and liability cannot be accepted for the same.

No liability is accepted by Colin Tait or Equitait Veterinary Practice in any circumstance should you not adhere to the terms of this disclaimer or the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions effective from 21 July 2014.